KC Black

Mainstay Financial Group

Digital Marketing Specialist

To contact KC please email kc@mainstayfg.com or call 850-437-3127.

Debb Alonso

Sacred Heart Hospital

Manager of Senior Services

To contact Debb Alonso please email dalonso@shhpens.org or call 850-416-6547.


Meet our 2019 Committee Members

Dr. Joan Connell, PhD, CSA, CLTC, LTCP
Medicare & Long Term Care Planning Specialist
Mainstay Financial Group

​To contact Joan please email joanconnell@mainstayfg.com or call 850-437-3127

Annalee Leonard
Founder & President
Mainstay Financial Group

​To contact Annalee please email annalee@mainstayfg.com or call 850-437-3127.

Meaghan Ives
Mainstay Financial Group

Paraplanner & Licensed Agent

To contact Meaghan please email meaghan@mainstayfg.com or call 850-437-3127.

Jan Leavenworth
Store Manager of Chico’s Pensacola, FL

Suzanne Yancey Bush, MD, FACOG, NCMP

To contact Dr. Bush please email Suzanne.Bush@med.fsu.edu or call 850-494-5939.

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