Glenna Salsbury
Keynote Speaker

Glenna Salsbury is a nationally recognized speaker and transformational coach who doesn’t just teach, but touches you at a profoundly deep level. Glenna has received every speaking award the National Speakers Association gives. 

Glenna provides thought-provoking content, powerful stories and practical applications designed to match your goals and objectives. Her high energy, spontaneous humor and life-changing insights provide An Enduring Influence™ for those who experience Glenna. 

Glenna's entire career has been a result of word of mouth referrals and repeat clients. She is a recipient of the National Speakers Association’s (NSA) 2005 Cavett Award and is a past president of the NSA.

Glenna is committed to her faith and family. She is the proud mother of three daughters, is a grandmother, and was married to the late Jim Salsbury, former Detroit Lion and Green Bay Packer. Glenna is a resident of Scottsdale, Arizona.

Annalee Leonard

Founder and President of Mainstay Financial Group

Annalee Leonard, Founder and President of Mainstay Financial Group, specializes in working with retirees and pre-retirees to preserve their assets and help ensure that their money lasts. Annalee is licensed in insurance and investments and since 1990 has helped many of her clients lower their
income taxes, protect their estate values, and increase their legacy with their IRAs over multiple generations. 

In 2009, Annalee was accepted into Ed Slott’s Elite IRA Advisor Group™. As a Master Elite IRA Advisor, Annalee is dedicated to solving the country’s biggest and most complex financial prob­lem - effectively managing the distribution of assets from Individual Retirement Accounts. 

Annalee is the host of her own radio show “Winning with Annalee ” and is the author of “It’s More than Returns: Getting to the Heart of Retirement Planning”. She has been interviewed by and quoted in the Wall Street Journal, and on Fox and NBCnews.com. Through affiliation with several hospital
senior affinity groups, she presents Financial Matters, a monthly program on a variety of financial topics relevant to seniors from Mobile, Alabama to Port St. Joe, Florida. She teaches a community education course, Financial Survival for Retirement through Pensacola State College in Florida and Faulkner State Community College in Alabama. 

Annalee was named the 2013 Jack Keeter Study Group Advisor of the Year. She is a member of Impact 100 Pensacola, Suncrest Omni Home Health Advisory Board, and is a Board Member of WOMAN, a national mentoring organization for women in the financial field. A native of Louisiana,

Annalee has resided in the Pensacola area since 1990. Her hobbies are golfing, enjoying the beach, travelling in her motor home and caring for her “smile committee” and office entertainers, Beau, Jolie and Bella.

​​Kristen Marks, Esq.

Founder of My Pink Lawyer®

Licensed in Florida for over 18 years, Kristen Marks, a/k/a My Pink Lawyer®, has worked with many women and understands that many folks, including men, often feel intimidated or overwhelmed when it comes to legal matters. Never intimidating nor stuffy, My Pink Lawyer® prides itself on being a lawyer 'for the people'. 

You don't have to be rich to benefit from practical and effective estate planning, including Wills, Trusts and naming guardians for your kids. EVERYONE has an estate plan whether you know it or not. A written estate plan custom designed for your family, however, will ensure that YOUR wishes are carried out in the event of your incapacity or death, and not the wishes of some politician who drafted the laws that affect folks without a written plan or a judge who doesn't know you nor your family dynamics.

My Pink Lawyer® also works with parents of special needs children to ensure their needs are met when the parents are gone and that public assistance benefits won't be jeopardized with an inheritance. My Pink Lawyer® also assists parents in becoming legal guardians over their special needs children when they become legal adults in Florida at age 18, allowing the parents to continue legal, financial & medical decision making for their children into adulthood.

Finally, My Pink Lawyer® also handles uncontested probate matters for families after a loved one dies to assist in the orderly transfer of assets from the deceased loved one to the folks inheriting such property.

Gwen Gore

Owner of Gore Business Solutions

Gwen Gore is owner of Gore Business Solutions. She retired after 35 years with the government. She spent ten years with the Social Security Administration as a Claims Representative and 25 years with the IRS in forensic auditing as a Revenue Agent and Supervisory Revenue Agent.   

Her experience gives her a wide range of Social Security law, tax law, and auditing knowledge and skill. She has a BBA in Finance and is an Enrolled Agent, licensed to practice before the IRS and qualified to prepare your tax return. Gwen also offers trusted services for personal finance management including bill-paying, insurance/Medicare claims and managing accounts, or serving
as trustee for estates. She is a member of the National Association of Enrolled Agents, National Association of Tax Professionals and a member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. 

Locally, Gwen is a member of Trinity Presbyterian Church, and serves as Treasurer for the Pensacola Women’s Alliance and Pensacola Symphony Orchestra Guild.  Her motto is “I love paperwork, so let me know how I can reduce yours!”

Jocelyn Longo

Registered Nurse

Jocelyn Longo, RN, has been a Sacred Heart associate since 2003 and is the Patient Navigator at the Sacred Heart Hospital Ann Baroco Center for Breast Health.

When a woman first hears she has breast cancer, Jocelyn is present at that critical moment to be the emotional support she needs. Jocelyn then accompanies the patient on the journey through treatment to recovery.  Jocelyn coordinates all of the patient’s care to ensure an optimum patient experience and a smooth continuum of care. This may include coordinating care with the MD Anderson liaison, to working with social workers to help provide certain types of support, to meeting with financial-services representatives to help when a patient is in financial need.

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